Theoretical and practical aspects of CSR implementation by foreign investors


Redaktor naukowy:  Ryszard Piasecki, Janusz Gudowski
Liczba stron: 188
Rok wydania: 2022
Dyscyplina: Ekonomia i finanse, Zarządzanie
ISBN:     978-83-66159-73-0
e-ISBN: 978-83-66159-74-7


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The authors of this book represent a multinational group which is interested in studying the activities of foreign investors in implementing their respective corporate social responsibility programmes in developing host countries at three levels: local, regional and national. At present, CSR is one of the essential „products” accompanying nearly any investment activity. This is why foreign investors, equipped with modern tools, should aim to take the lead in this process.
The concept of CSR in the management sciences is often misunderstood because it is usually seen as one of the means employed in the challenge of achieving a better competitive position. On the other hand, for the development sciences CSR is an effective instrument for income redistribution and serves as an additional support for unprivileged social groups.
The authors seek to verify the main hypothesis formulated for the purposes of the monograph, that the readiness of multinational corporations to serve local communities depends on the maturity of the national and local legal framework. The more developed the country is in terms of its legal standards, the more the local community tends to benefit from CSR. On the contrary, in poor countries with weak institutions, multinational companies are not obliged to respect the needs and desires of the local population. It will be interesting to find out if this hypothesis has been positively verified.