Autor: Tomasz Rymarczyk
Liczba stron: 306
Rok wydania: 2019
ISBN – wersja drukowana: 978-83-66159-11-2
Dyscyplina: Informatyka techniczna i telekomunikacja
Książka: 80,00 zł


“The reviewed monograph presents in an innovative and interesting way the important issues in the field of solving inverse problems in industrial tomography as well as prototype, measurement and complex systems models. The considerations and in-depth numerical analysis applied to the needs of solving the forward problem and the inverse problem make this work unique on a national and international scale. The author has made a significant contribution to the development of the scientific discipline of Computer Science with regards to the aspect of practical applications, both industrial and medical.”

From Review prof. dr hab. inż. Dominik Sankowski

“The author of the monograph presents a wide range of areas in which tomography is applied. He has used process tomography to study very large objects. These objects constitute multi-hectare areas located at a considerable distance from each other. This is an innovative application of process tomography. This part of the work has made a significant contribution to the subject literature, it is a very valuable study.”

From Review dr hab. inż. Mariusz Rząsa, prof. nadzw. PO