Autor: Paweł Czarnecki
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Rok wydania: 2011
ISBN: 978-83-62074-32-7
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(…) Morality is also the foundation of social work in the individual dimension. The task of a social worker, is after all  to help, or care about the quality of life of another man. A social worker must therefore have an idea of what the good life is, an idea that is anchored on ethical grounds. Similarly, therefore, as in the institutional dimension, so in the individual, motives inducing a person to choose social work as a profession flow from ethical motives. In other words, a social worker’s ethical values motivate him to work everyday. Without ethics, it is equally impossible to determine a fair method of achieving this good life (contrary to the principles of ethics would be, for example limiting the autonomy of a customer „for his own good”). Also, in the individual dimension, therefore, can one say about the influence of the social worker’s values and ethical standards on the form of assistance provided, and thus the preferred solution to problems, decisions, the way he communicates with customers, etc. Values and ethical standards, which underpin social work, are not unique to this work, on the contrary, they are accepted by most of society.

Paweł Czarnecki