Dialogic teaching at school

Oksana Duchak


With the course of time educators and re- searchers have been faced with the problem of choosing methods of transferring in- formation to their learners. In this context a classroom talk is supposed to be the most pervasive in its use and powerful in its pos- sibilities. Especially valuable it seems to be in the school environment a large propor- tion of time is spent talking and listening. Dialogue is a form of talk, which is widely used as a teaching tool at school. Through dialogue, people are engaged in a practice to listen to different perspectives, promote co- operation, build skills and work on difficult issues. The most crucial consideration within dialogic pedagogy is the quality of commu- nication, participation of pupils in the con- struction of their own knowledge and also it includs a motivational factor which deals with activation of pupils. In this paper I will try to enlighten the phenomena of dialogue and dialogical teaching (researched by prof. Robin Alexander), to describe the contribu- tions made by Paulo Freire and Jane Vella to the research of dialogic teaching, to examine dialogue as a means of learning.

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