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Tom 16, Numer 4 (2017) Juvenile deliquency and role of correctional centers Streszczenie   PDF
Joanna Piotrowicz
Tom 14, Numer 2 Lax aspects in case of a property as a subject of taxation Streszczenie   PDF
Tomasz Wołowiec
Tom 14, Numer 2 Legal aspects of the health security in the Republic of Bulgaria Streszczenie   PDF
Maria Ivanova Radeva
Tom 15, Numer 3 Legal nature and prerequisites of a trader’s stabilization proceedings (in force from 1st July 2017) Streszczenie   PDF
Anton Grozdanov
Tom 14, Numer 2 Legal regulation of non-food production safety in Ukraine Streszczenie   PDF
Olga I. Bykovets
Tom 14, Numer 2 Legal Security as a Principle in Lawmaking Streszczenie   PDF
Cherneva Boyka Ivaylova
Tom 14, Numer 2 LEGAL-Philosophical PARAMETERS of the connection between JUSTICE AND SECURITY Streszczenie   PDF
Naoumov Svetoslav
Tom 14, Numer 2 Methodology for evaluation of energy security Streszczenie   PDF
Tarkalanov Yuriy
Tom 14, Numer 2 National security vs. security of the person, ethnic profiling Streszczenie   PDF
Ivan Ivanov
Tom 14, Numer 2 Problems and risk management options for the transport of dangerous goods Streszczenie   PDF
Vanya Banabakova, Ivan Minevski
Tom 13, Numer 1 Right of the detained person of the defence in the light of domestic and european standards Streszczenie   PDF
Magdalena Kornak
Tom 14, Numer 2 Right to security in the context of the theory of social deviance Streszczenie   PDF
Stefka Naumova
Tom 14, Numer 2 Risk mapping system of threats to human security and critical infrastructure during mass events and its application in big municipalities Streszczenie   PDF
Mileva Galina Velikova
Tom 14, Numer 2 Safety in the dialectics of mental state, socio- psychological process and social phenomenon Streszczenie   PDF
Petrova Mariya Encheva
Tom 14, Numer 2 Security of the information and deliveries upon award of public procurements Streszczenie   PDF
Sabin Sabev
Tom 14, Numer 2 Security zones Streszczenie   PDF
Evgeni Petrov Manev, Diana Ivanova Ilieva, Dessislava Pancheva Stoeva
Tom 13, Numer 1 Some conclusions and recommendations of personal taxation harmonization taking account globalization process Streszczenie   PDF
Tomasz Wołowiec, Tatiana Varcholova
Tom 14, Numer 2 Son the actual status of the “right for security” problem Streszczenie   PDF
Petar Georgiev Hristov
Tom 16, Numer 4 (2017) Subsidies for performing education tasks granted by territorial self-government units to non-public sector entities Streszczenie   PDF
Halina Rechul, Bartłomiej Wrona
Tom 15, Numer 3 The characteristics of the space and number structure of enterprises in particular provinces of Poland Streszczenie   PDF
Dariusz Reśko
Tom 14, Numer 2 The mission of the state in the context of the international human right protection Streszczenie   PDF
Zheleva Mariya Ivanova
Tom 14, Numer 2 The new illusions of security Streszczenie   PDF
Michev Stefan Ivanov, Stoeva Desislava Pancheva
Tom 14, Numer 2 The nullity of the transaction due to the lack of form – the exception under article 293(3) of the commercial act Streszczenie   PDF
Ivan Ruschev
Tom 15, Numer 3 The power of quality in product management of cosmetics. The case of ‚halal’ beauty products Streszczenie   PDF
Bogna Gudowska
Tom 14, Numer 2 The right to security in the case of a. and others v. the United Kingdom Streszczenie   PDF
Mishkov Radoslav Raychev
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