Commission for conduction of procedure on award of public procurements in the fields of defence and security

Bogomila Borisova


e lawful award of public procurements in the elds of defence and security is one of the elements, building the general background for security in the country. In order to be lawfully conducted a certain procedure for public procurement award in the elds of defence and security, signi cant appear the composition and actions of the assist- ing body of the contracting authority – the commission on conduction of the procedure. e commission shall be appointed by the contrac- ting authority, as its order shall not be subject of independent challenge. A small number of requirements concern its members and special legal provisions are envisaged about the chair of the commission. e deci- sions shall be taken by majority as if a member of the commission does not agree with the decision, he shall sign it with reservation, with argu- ments in written. In case of two-state and three-stage procedures shall be appointed only one commission. 

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