Система оценки соответствия изделий в качестве инструмента экономической безопасности – основные нормативные предположения на примере Польши

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 e article presents the assessment model of the conformity of pro- ducts with the binding requirements in Poland according to the EU regulations as an instrument which provides the economic securi- ty of the citizens and the state. e Conformity Assessment System is built by the rules stating the basic and speci c requirements of the products as well as the provisions and norms specifying the activity of parties involved in the conformity assessment process. is system includes both the control of product compliance with among others the basic requirements and the way of conduct towards products which were brought in the market or put into service and are inconsistent with the basic requirements or others. Its goal is to provide bringing safe products to the market in order to protect consumers' health and life, protect the environment and important interests of the state. 

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